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Oh hold on there called halo set of 3 telescoping torch set with batteries Chloe was really annoying though and was just watching thinking oh my god what's wrong with her she wouldnt shut up. She was either on something or just really overly excited. The poor lady trying to sell her product couldn't get a word in and when she did Chloe was talking over her twice as loud And fast and then she called out the phone number so fast you could t understand the last digits I literally understood Is it Just me or does anyone else see this?

I don't suppose anyone has watched the one I'm talking about? It's 5 past midnight and was literally on 15 minutes midnight. She's come on again with an old gent egos selling wildfire world bird hamper and she's completely different much better calm And her usual self.

Definitely not recorded on the same day.

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It was so bad I had to pause, rewind and play again to believe what I was seeing But I'd say she's drinking or drugs for sure. Just me? I do like qvc but I've noticed it happening more and I don't watch often but From when I started watching it years ago to now some of the presenters need to calm down. Or I'm just being funny and seeing things I don't no.

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I'm really surprised at the bad reviews on here. I've been buying from QVC for over 10 years and generally find the products and service to be excellent. There is room for improvement but their TSVs on the beauty products in particular are usually very good value. I don't order as much as I used to, but I rarely send anything back nowadays. I ordered by telephone and asked if they used any other courier apart from Hermes to which she replied no. I have had many issues with Hermes as a courier company.

They either leave the package on the doorstep without knocking or throw the item over the fence which has ALWAYS meant a broken item! The day arrived when my product was delivered. Again no knock on the door but regardless when the parcel was eventually seen I excitedly opened it but it was not the item I ordered. I immediately called QVC and explained my dilemma. The call taker apologised and said do you want a refund or a replacement?

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I replied of course I want a replacement, I want the item I ordered. Then I was told the item was out of stock and there was nothing they could do. I had entered into a contract by paying for a specific item which was not sent therefore the fault lies with QVC. The call taker said there would be a full investigation into this incident but this was not going to help me get my item. I asked for a manager to call me, eventually it was agreed that someone would call at 4pm, they actually called me at 5. I said what about the customer who ordered a table lamp and has my podium?

No one I spoke to was at all interested in my complaint, they just wanted me to get off the phone and close the issue. Although they did say they would be willing to refund my money!!!!! Hell yes you will refund my money!!! I was very upset and said that any other half decent company would refund my money and as a matter of good public relations would issue a credit note for me to purchase something else of my choosing.

Well I beg to differ. Your customer service stinks. QVC please forward this onto Rylan the celebrity who is behind this creation so he can see how customers are treated when they order one of his products, I am sure he would be mortified FYI, the refund as yet is not showing in my account. Yes I was told it can take up to 5 working days but the money was taken immediately from my account in the first place and if I wanted to send someone some money I can do it instantly online with a bank transfer.

Get with the times QVC. I have been a QVC customer for almost 20 years and have purchased many items from them. Lately their standards have fallen and I seldom purchase these days. I was outraged to read that unless you return all items in a multiple order you will not have your postage refunded. In other words if you order two sizes of a garment to try on paying postage for each one! It would appear that if you return the item which does not fit, you will not receive a postage refund.

This is ridiculous and clearly an attempt to get round the law. I ring customer care and was told that according to their records some of the parcels had been returned in an unacceptable way.

And could not be resold. I was furious I would never send anything back in a bad state. Another was they sent back after the 14 day return period! It's not so much as the money it's the thought that someone has made these accusations. The fella I spoke to said someone would contact me either on that day Friday or Monday, been and gone with no. Seems like QVC have finally admitted making a mistake! Also apologising as this oversight was not there usual standard. As someone who has paid for umpteen returns, usually clothes over the years I wait with baited breath but wonder if pigs might fly!!

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Firstly i would like to say to all the customers who have complained regarding having a product refunded or wait for a delaration letter for lost item - FIGHT!! Do not listen to the advisor. You have paid for that item it it's no fault of yours it is getting worse. Infact lately hermes are bad, they should change them.

QVC have taken your money and there's is no way you should have to wait for a letter to come back 2nd class for you to sign and send. Which in effect will take another couple of weeks deleay. I also insist on speaking to a manager and refuse to get off the phone until i have my money refunded or a new item sent out.

AS for peony - why oh why do they still use that company and julie is sooo fake. Most of peony look cheap, tiny and damaged when they arrive plua sprays and perfume aromas missing and you have to wait ages for peony products to be dispatched. They are dreadful. I have argued with customer advisors who have been so rude and defiant but won!!! Perservia, that's all i advise.

As for gertting through to customer not so good service it takes ages before you get through. I have been holding on for 20mins to 30mins. This never use to happen. But always does now.

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Is it they are in undated with complaints?? So bad worse than phoning offshore advisors for regarding barclay card or your bank account and mobile issue. As for the presenters, i'm sorry you can't love absolutely everything you sell. Not possible - fake, fake, fake!! Alison young can't possibly like every single skin care plus boy does she interrupt and talk over the guest. As does chloe and debbie flint - she is the worst.

And a lot ot them chat about their life etc and not the product they are selling. Sometimes i switch off cos i don't have a clue what the product is cos the camera are on the prenters and 'best friend' guests.

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And if i have to keep listening to jackie when i'm hanging on for ever sometime i think it is to benefit from advertising, the reason for the long hold I will shoot myself!!! You lose the will to live. Just been watching Queen of Braggers are we really interested how QVC parcels she had delivered this week people out there are struggling to feed their families and children while all she does is brag about what she's done and got about time QVC got rid of her.

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